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Cozy Living Room

2/12/16 (Jeff, Kayla & Jeannie) Again, you have a wonderful crew.  I couln’t be happier.
Doyle Hill move out
2/12/16 (Kerin & AB) From a note left to the cleaner:  “Thank you for your services as it is refreshing to see the house is clean and ready for the unexpected.  Best Wishes!”
K. Charlston
2/11/16 (Jeannie, Jeff, Shelly & Katrina) From a message written on the check stub for a new construction clean:   “Great crew and first class job.  Thank you!”
Doyle Hill
2/10/16 (Sarah S.) She was fantastic! So glad to have her as our regular cleaner.
2/10/16 (Jeff) Was a most excellent cleaning.   I would love to have Jeff back next time we call for a clean.
2/10/16 (Danyale) By far the best clean we have ever had! She was so efficient and had to be told only once how to do something.  Really exceptional cleaner.
2/10/16 (Christine) She does a wonderful job and I really enjoy her help. She is a great gal.
2/9/16 (Nicole) From a card: “Thank you so much for a wonderful job done at the house!  Wish you success at every level!”
Mawjee fix
2/9/16 (Nicole) The fix was so far above and beyond, please give her this card as my thanks.  I really appreciate it.  I will recommend her and put it on Facebook.  (I have come out of my way to bring this in for her.)
2/9/16 (Nicole) She was professional, thorough, and knew her stuff. I was pleased.