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Cozy Living Room

3/2/16 (Sarah M.) I am sorry to loose her as she is very good, but I have a caregiver now.
2/26/16 (Ronda, Jeff, Christine, Brittany, Jeannie) We were HAPPY!!! Your people worked very hard and were always very cheerful!
Doyle Hill
2/26/16 (Deb) The house looks great. I hope to have her as my regular cleaner.
2/25/16 (Deb) Deb has been just fabulous! She works so hard and I never have to worry about anything.  She is a saint!
Ellen Dempster
2/24/16 (Steph) Hi, the only complaint I have with Stephanie is that when she is done with my home, I cannot decide where to eat dinner: the table, the counter, or the floor.  The are all equally clean. :)  Send me the bill.  Things are looking Great!
2/19/16 (Jeannie & Laina) They were AMAZING!  I really appreciated what they did and I want to have them back again.  I loved how they cleaned.
2/18/16 (Kayla) She is sweet and awesome.  She is so thorough I was blown away.  I will take her with a partner, even if she is training.
2/18/16 (Kayla, Jennie, Britney) We were totally exhausted watching them work so hard in  our house!  Those girls did the most phenomenal job we have ever seen.  They were so fast, hardworking and very pleasant.  What a great job!  They even did a few things that we did not expect.  And the floors were done just beautifully.
D. Reynolds
2/16/16 (Carrie) I appreciate her.  She always works very hard, even though I am getting a couple of free cleans.   I want to make sure she is getting paid.
Edith Clark
2/15/16 (Jeannie) Jeannie was FANTASTIC! I can’t believe how fast and how well she moved through the house.  I would like to come on as a regular monthly customer.
T. Parker