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Cozy Living Room

“She was amazing!  I love how she cleaned!”

Haley H.

“My cleaner is a real jewel!  I love how she cleans my home!”

Wendy H.

“Very happy and very professional!  They were amazing and after we move in we will be calling for regular service!”

Tom H.

“She does such a great job!  Thank her for her patience in our busy household”

Jesse H.

“They were great!  They moved along smoothly through the house and got everything done!”

Katie M.

“She is fantastic and so flexible for us!  Thank you for having her for me!”

Katrina L.

“The cleaner was amazing!  She was positive and outgoing and proactive in her cleaning.  Our dog liked her so we know she is a nice person!  Can’t wait till next clean!”

Tamara J.

“She did a great job!  Very personable as with all the cleaners you send us!”

Kyle D.

“He was so thrilled and could not believe how clean his floors could get”

Michael D.

2/14/20 ” She detailed my home and it sparkled!  Love to have her back!”


9/27/19 “It was outstanding!  Best job I have ever seen-and the owners who are very picky were very, very, very happy!!”

Ritzman remodel

11/11/19 ” Our cleaner is so sensitive to our needs.  We love her!”


12/24/19 “They paid great attention to detail, got everything scrubbed instead of just a wipe down, could not be happier!”


2/10/20 “The house looked really nice..the girls did great thanks!”


11/21/19 ” She was fantastic! We thought her service was excellent and we would love to have her as our regular cleaner!”


11/27/19 ” I just needed to call and tell you what an A+ job the cleaners did today!”


11/22/19 “They did a great job! I want to thank you so much for the hard work the cleaners do. I work long hours and it is so nice to come home to a clean house!


11/21/19 “The ladies did wonderful! What a treat as always with your company! Thank you very much!


2/13/20 I walked in the house and it smelled wonderful! The floors and bathrooms looked great! Very Happy!

J Smith

2/13/20 “Was so happy with the service, the floors shined like never before and the bathrooms looked wonderful!

P Fields
3/2/16 (Sarah M.) I am sorry to loose her as she is very good, but I have a caregiver now.
2/26/16 (Ronda, Jeff, Christine, Brittany, Jeannie) We were HAPPY!!! Your people worked very hard and were always very cheerful!
Doyle Hill
2/26/16 (Deb) The house looks great. I hope to have her as my regular cleaner.
2/25/16 (Deb) Deb has been just fabulous! She works so hard and I never have to worry about anything.  She is a saint!
Ellen Dempster
2/24/16 (Steph) Hi, the only complaint I have with Stephanie is that when she is done with my home, I cannot decide where to eat dinner: the table, the counter, or the floor.  The are all equally clean. :)  Send me the bill.  Things are looking Great!
2/18/16 (Kayla) She is sweet and awesome.  She is so thorough I was blown away.  I will take her with a partner, even if she is training.
2/18/16 (Kayla, Jennie, Britney) We were totally exhausted watching them work so hard in  our house!  Those girls did the most phenomenal job we have ever seen.  They were so fast, hardworking and very pleasant.  What a great job!  They even did a few things that we did not expect.  And the floors were done just beautifully.
D. Reynolds
2/16/16 (Carrie) I appreciate her.  She always works very hard, even though I am getting a couple of free cleans.   I want to make sure she is getting paid.
Edith Clark
2/15/16 (Jeannie) Jeannie was FANTASTIC! I can’t believe how fast and how well she moved through the house.  I would like to come on as a regular monthly customer.
T. Parker
2/12/16 (Jeff, Kayla & Jeannie) Again, you have a wonderful crew.  I couln’t be happier.
Doyle Hill move out
2/12/16 (Kerin & AB) From a note left to the cleaner:  “Thank you for your services as it is refreshing to see the house is clean and ready for the unexpected.  Best Wishes!”
K. Charlston
2/11/16 (Jeannie, Jeff, Shelly & Katrina) From a message written on the check stub for a new construction clean:   “Great crew and first class job.  Thank you!”
Doyle Hill
2/10/16 (Sarah S.) She was fantastic! So glad to have her as our regular cleaner.
2/10/16 (Jeff) Was a most excellent cleaning.   I would love to have Jeff back next time we call for a clean.
2/10/16 (Danyale) By far the best clean we have ever had! She was so efficient and had to be told only once how to do something.  Really exceptional cleaner.
2/10/16 (Christine) She does a wonderful job and I really enjoy her help. She is a great gal.
2/8/16 (Christine) The job went pretty well and we were very happy. She is very professional and made the floors look awesome.  I was making a mess and they even offered to clean it up for me.  I declined it as it was my mess, but that was greatly appreciated.
2/5/16 (Jeannie, Shelly,Jeff) Just wanted to call to say they did a wonderful job. It was first class and they are a nice group of people.
D. Hill
2/5/16 (Carrie) She is an extremely good cleaner, and she always goes above and beyond. Please appologize to her for us turning her away as my house was still clean from when she came last visit.
2/2/2016 (Jayna) From a card mailed to Scrubbles:   “Thank you for introducing our treasured friend, Jayna to us!”
2/2/2016 (Brittney) “Very impressed with her, she does extra things for us & we really like her.”
1/26/2016 (Christine) “Scrubbles has always been a Big Help if we ever need cleaning again we’ll call you first.”
1/26/2016 (Deb) “I have been a customer of Scrubbles and Debbie for so long. She is a jewel and we will be sending her something in care of Scrubbles to let her know how much we have appreciated all her years of hard work.”
Ellen Dempster
1/25/2016 (Kayla) “Kayla is a 5 star, would love to have as her regular cleaner.”
1/25/2016 (Christine) “She did a very good job on the floors, wants to have her clean the main level of the house 2nd week of February.”
1/22/2016 (Laina) “The clean was absolutely great. We wanted to call because it was so very noticeable.”
12/9/2015 (Shelly) “Shelly did a great job – she’s a bundle of energy and she cracked me up!”
12/9/2015 (Katrina) “It went fine – she did a really good job – is very pleased.”
12/9/2015 (Steph) “We had an excellent visit   – took great care dusting which was appreciated – send her back anytime.”
12/7/2015 (Elaine & Jeannie) “The clean was really good – can’t wait the next time.”
12/7/2015 (Jeannie) “Went great – wants to come on every other week.”
12/3/2015 ((Kari) “Kari has offered several times to do other things for me – she is a wonderful person and fits in great with our crazy family and schedule.”
12/2/2015 (Carly) “Carly is doing a great job in our home and we appreciate her very much and we tell all of our friends about your service.”
12/1/2015 (Katrina) “House looked great and smelled great – it was fabulous! It’s my most favorite day to come home to.”
T. Osbourne
11/30/2015 (Myesha) “Wonderful job! – she was polite and friendly and I would like to have her back. She knows her worth.”
11/28/2015 (Sarah M) “Sarah did an awesomejob!   Would love her anytime!”
Kry Peterson
11/25/2015 (Sarah S) “I’m perfectly happy – she’s doing a great job – love the little extra touches she puts on the house.”
R. Jones
11/25/2015 (Lorrie) “She deserves a DOUBLE gold star on the job she does in our home!”
11/24/2015 (Brittney) “Everything was great – I’m very happy – Brittney was very nice.”
11/20/2015 (Katrina) “We won’t be home – have Katrina go in and just do her magic.”
11/20/2015 (Steph & Nick) “Just wanted to call and tell you how pleased I was with the clean. They were pleasant and happy people.  Nick went above and beyond what us women can not do – checked salt, pulled mushrooms from my step, plus helped Steph on my house.”
11/11/2015 (Kerin & Kari) “Thank you so much for the great cleaning job.”
11/17/2015 (Kathleen & Shelly) “It went well – it was wonderful – my home is all sparkling now!”
11/12/2015 (Kathleen) “She was really nice & did a good job – spent extra time on cabinets and that was important to me.”
11/12/2015 (Kerin & Kari) “Great job – went above and beyond – forgot they were coming and the house was a mess!”
11/2015 (Kari) “Excellent – very personable – very, very hard working.”
11/9/2015 (Jeff) “Best wishes on travel, he is energetic, very kind, and a fabulous personilty. We will miss him.”
11/9/2015 (Myesha) “Went just fine – left it super-clean and was very pleasant.”
11/5/2015 (Nick) “It went fine – he was very polite and fairly thorough and did a good job.”
11/5/2015 (Sherrii) “Very pleased – gave excellent service, excellent results.”
R. Payne
11/4/2015 (Myesha) “She passed inspection!   House sitter said it looked good.”
11/4/2015 (Nick & Myesha) “I wasn’t home, but my husband said they did really well – everything was fine.”
11/3/2015 (Myesha) “She did a really good job – would like to have her come back.”
10/29/2015 (Darlene & ALL EMPLOYEES) “Darlene did great and just to let you know anytime you send a substitute they are all great. You take really good care of me!”
10/29/2015 (Sarah M) “One of the best cleans I have ever had! Send Sarah anytime.”
D. Johnston
10/28/2015 (Danyale) “Everything was very good – it’s always so nice to come home and just be able to relax.”
C. Freeman
10/27/2015 (Sarah S) “I am so happy with Sarah!   She worked so hard – is head and shoulders above the rest – she got it all done and surprised me by finishing up the cleaning of the stove without being asked.  So nice and pleasant – it gave me good feelings and I would love to have her back.”
10/22/2015 (Carly) “Thank you for the wonderful job today! My husband said that everything looks so nice! I’m flying up tomorrow and looking forward to not having to clean as soon as I get there. Thanks again!!”
10/20/2015 (Kerin & Brittney) “Did a really good job – really appreciate it – will call again”
10/16/2015 (Shelly, Carrie, Sherrii & Heather) “Did a ‘knock-up’ job on the house – excellent work – will call again.”
Big Sky
10/13/2015 (Ashley) “She is a beautiful person – wonderful worker – cannot say enough good things about her.”
10/9/2015 (Nicole) “Excellent job – warm & friendly, thank your company for coming out.”
10/7/2015 (Lacie) “It all looked so pretty – she’s adorable – really liked her and she worked super hard.”
Y. Michael
10/7/2015 (Jeff & Justin) “Service was great – no complaints – never knew med could clean like that!”
10/5/2015 (Brittney) “Did a magnificent job cleaning up the salmon spill – she got it all.”
10/1/2015 (Katrina) “Amazing job! Looked better than the deep clean!”
9/30/2015 (Shelly) “Fabulous clean! She got it all – please send her back!”
S. Larson
9/24/2015 (Katrina) “Great job – appreciate it – glad to have her as a regular.”
9/21/2015 (Shelly & Laura) “They worked really hard – really scrubbed boys bathroom – all was good.”
9/18/2015 (Ashely & Shelly) “Great, great!   I have told a lot of people about your service.”
9/16/2015 (Justin & Shelly) “Awesome – fabulous – so throrough – it was a ’10’.”
S. Martensen
9/16/2015 (Shelly) “She was great – thorough & quick. Please can we have her again?”
9/16/2015 (Ashley & Sarah S) “Thank you so much for sending the calvary to my rescue! A clean home is soooo much nicer!”
9/15/2015 (Sarah M) “Wonderful, wonderful – never would have known she was new.”
9/14/2015 (Margaret) “Thanks so much for sending Margaret to our home last week! She was fabulous! The house was super clean and she did a great job.  I would love to have her  here every month – sometimes people have come and they do not know where things are – so now Margaret knows where things are – thanks for considering my request.”
M. Chapman
9/14/2015 (Shelly & Shelly)”Just wanted to compliment whoever came to our house last week – they did a wonderful job – do they have a spot to be my regular cleaner?”
9/14/2015 (Sarah & Rachel) “It was so great! Both cleaners were great – I haven’t felt this good about being in my home in a long time – am so relaxed.”
9/4/2015 (Sarah M) “I love Sarah! Please let me keep her – she is wonderful and lovely and very thorough.”
9/2/2015 (Sarah M) “I can totally, totally tell that she can clean. Thank her for me!”
9/1/2015 (Kari) “Excellent job – worked hard and reamined positive the entire time.”
8/31/2015 (Shelly & Erica) “House looked wonderful – really impressed & happy with the clean.”
8/25/2015 (Steph) “We are moving – please tell her how sorry I am and that she is very good at what she does.”
8/25/2015 (Elaine) “Calling about today’s job – it was absolutely wonderful! It sparkles! I can’t tell you enough about how beautiful it looks – please include a tip – hope to have her again.”
S. Brown
8/24/2015 (Sarah M) “Very pleased – did exceptionally good work – would like to have her back.”
8/21/2015 (Jeff) “He did a really good job – would love to have him back.”
8/21/2015 (Esther) “Fantastic job – really, really pleased.”
8/20/2015 (Katrina) “Was superb – got everything done 100%- even emptied the dishwasher and put everything in the right place. Wonderful job on floors – THANK YOU so much!”
K. Collings
8/19/2015 (Esther) “Went great – fantastic – very happy with all the cleaning being done at our house”
8/18/2015 (Kerin & Sarah K) “It went very good – want them to be complimented for it.”
K. Charleston
8/18/2015 (Jayna) “She did a wonderful job – was here until 5:30 – please give her kudos – she did a very good job. I was quite pleased.  She did so much more than the other girl did – really tell her “THANK YOU”.  It was very much appreciated.”
8/17/2015 (Colleen & Elaine) “Fabulous job – house was in perfect shape – thank you very much.”
8/12/2015 (Sharon) “…..I would really like to tak you out to lunch before I leave (sold house) – I feel we have become friends, and I have been so greatful for your expertise in cleaning my home so well – EVERY SINGLE TIME. I will miss you when I move, and I know I am not likely to find someone like you again.”
8/12/2015 (Ronnie) “Did a really good job – plan to use you on a quaterly basis”
8/12/2015 (Ronnie & Rachel) “Bathroom fixtures were very good – stove was very nice”
8/10/2015 (Katrina) “Thank you for everything you have done – we really enjoyed our service”
8/10/2015 (Jeff & Justin) “It was good!   Really, really good!  Never had this experience before – am so pleased!  I will call again”
8/7/2015 (Kerin & Carrie) “They did a fabulous – I think my husband appreciates it more now that it is done then when it was scheduled.”
8/5/2015 (Carrie) “Outstanding! Went full speed (if you’re in the path – you’re going to get cleaned on the way!) if we could just keep her from now on, we’d be happy.”
C. Chapman
8/5/2015 (Jeff) “Wonderful – did a really excellent job – was very comfortable with him”
7/30/2015 (Kerin & Carrie) “They did a good job and were very nice & they did what was on the work order. Very pleasant cleaners.”
7/30/2015 (Kerin & Carrie) “They did a good job and were very nice & they did what was on the work order. Very pleasant cleaners.”
7/30/2015 (Kerin & Steph) “They did fantastic and I want you to know I appreciate them.”
K. Charleston
7/27/2015 (Meg) “Extremely good job & spent extra time and worked really hard”
7/27/2015 (Ronnie) “Did a good job – handled all well including people throwing up & close personal violence”
G H Food and Wine
7/24/2015 (Carrie & Margaret) “Both were very nice & conscientious on dusting and picking up rugs and did a very good job”
7/24/2015 (Jeff) “He did fine – overall did a good job – floors looked great – can send him back anytime”
7/24/2015 (Rachel) “The cleaning went great – it was awesome! Would like to go every other week.”
7/23/2015 (Jeff, Kerin, & AB) “Very satisfied and especially pleased that it was taken care of so quickly – wife came home early from the hospital”
7/23/2015 (Crystal, Shelly, & Nicole) “Everything looks so nice – they are so pleasant. It’s so nice to have a company that I can depend on every summer when my housekeeper goes on vacation.”
7/23/2015 (Jeff) Did an excellent job – never saw her carpets so clean – wants him to come back
7/23/2015 (Steph & Jeff) “really conscientious , really thorough, really like them – please have Jeff as Steph’s partner – he gets along with everyone”
7/22/2015 (Kerin & Amanda) “I wasn’t there, but I came home to a perfectly cleaned house”
7/21/2015 (Shelly) “She was great & amazing – would like to have her everytime”
7/16/2015 (Jeff) “He was fantastic – everything looked fabulous – he is the nicest kid I’ve met since moving to Washington! Very professional – you can send him here any time.”
7/16/2015 (Lacie) “Did a good job – went above & beyond”
7/15/2015 (Stephanie S) “Went just fine – she’s great – will move to another day to get her”
7/15/2015 (Heather) “Calling to let you know Heather did a fantastic job on our house – very happy to have her”
7/13/2015 (Shelly & Justin) “Marvelous job – wonderful and very thorough”
7/13/2015 (Ronnie, Justin, & Ashley) “All was good – went quite well – very happy – will have us out for estimate for regular cleaning”
7/10/2015 (Katrina) “Went great – worked hard in bathrooms – got mold in shower – got floors & kitchen, too – all else great, too”
M. Coleman
7/9/2015 (Illayna & Jeff) “Excellent – did a fine job – give ’em a GOLD STAR!”
7/8/2015 (Crystal) “Really liked her – she did such a wonderful, fantastic job”
7/8/2015 (Shelly & Jeff) “Everything was great – love the way the bedding was done”
7/3/2015 (Stephanie S) “Clean was awesome – she’s fantastic! Would be great for us if she could be our regular cleaner.”
7/3/2015 (Stephanie S) “Clean was awesome – she’s fantastic! Would be great for us if she could be our regular cleaner.”
7/2/2015 (Ronnie) “Went very well – was very pleased – you guys did fabulous – very well mannered – very, very nice young people – very well trained – nice job!”
7/1/2015 (Elaine) “It was awesome to come home to a clean house – thank you”
7/1/2015 (All) “I want to thank all of you for our relationship over the past several years. I feel the service I got was professional and the cleanings were thorough. Thank you for everything.”
7/1/2015 (All) “We are moving, but wanted to say that we have always had great service with Scrubbles.”
6/30/2015 (Deb) “She does such a good job – we would be lost without her!”
6/30/2015 (Kerin & AB) “Wonderful, professional, would recommend you to a friend – great job!”
P. Wood
6/29/2015 (Nicole) “Very good – thought she was great. Appreciated everything”
6/29/2015 (Nicole) “Did well, am pleased with the way she did the floors”
6/29/2015 (Elaine) “Did a very good job – loved coming home to a clean house”
6/25/2015 (Shelly) “Shelly did a wonderful job – hit all the spots that haven’t been hit.”
6/25/2015 (Katrina) from an email: Thank you very much for the great service you provided. It has been much appreciated.”
6/19/2015 (Shelly & Kerin) “Can’t speak highly enough of their cleaning – SUPERB! Went above and beyond and did exactly what there were supposed to do – will be a repeat customer.”
6/19/2015 (Nicole) “High regards – she did a stupendous job!”
K. Charleston
6/18/2015 (Shelly) “Excellent! So happy – my home just gleams!”
P. Tiller
6/18/2015 (Ronnie & Wendy) “Great clean job – the staff did an awesome job on the property – THANK YOU!”
6/18/2015 (Illayna) “She did a good job – so nice to have it clean again”
6/16/2015 (Teri) “Was on time, very efficient, was good about asking if she could do anything else”
6/16/2015 (Sharon) “Absoultely wonderful, wonderful with my dogs – LOVE LOVE her attitude and her cleaning”
P. Terenzi
6/12/2015 (Nicole) “She did a great job and even my husband commented on how clean it was. WOW. Nice!”
6/12/2015 (Shelly) “She was totally awesome and please thank her for taking out the garbage can with the dirty diapers – so sorry I missed that, but she took care of it & I appreciate that very much.”
6/6/2015 (Elaine) from an email: “We have been so happy with the service your company and Elaine has provided us.  Thanks for the wonderfull service!”
6/12/2015 (Shelly) “Just wanted to call and tell you how awesome Shelly was! I’m having a party and it took so much off my plate.  Please tell her “Thank You.”
A. Rodriguez
6/11/2015 (Illayna, Katrina, & Nicole) “Went pretty well – fabulous baths – rest very well well done – pleasant ladies – very 1st time in house, so amazing”
6/9/2015 (Rachel) “She did such a wonderful job – she’s a sweetheart – glad she’s coming back.”
M. Holland
6/4/2015 (Stephanie) “Was very impressed – couldn’t find anything she didn’t   clean – will call again”
6/3/2015 (Melissa) “Please give Melissa a pat on the back – she usually does the kitchen and partner does the bath.   Well when she did the bath this time she found an inhaler that no else did (it had an expiration date of 2012).  She is first class!”
6/2/2015 (Kerin & Rachel) cleaners were very good – very diligent & detailed oriented – very happy with the clean
6/1/2015 (Katrina) “Katrina did everything just great”
6/1/2015 (Sharon) “We really appreciate Sharon.”
6/1/2015 (Stephanie) “Thank you – everything was great! Stephanie did a good job, real nice .”
5/27/2015 (Heather) “Went great – will be happy to have her as regular cleaner”
5/27/2015 (Ashley) “Very thorough – I like her very much – is a detailed cleaner. She did everything and more!”
C. Chapman
5/26/2015 (Jayna) “I’ve just had a wonderfully clean house thanks to Jayna.”
5/26/2015 (Megan & Teri) “They did a wonderful job – so efficient”
5/22/2015 (Lacie) “Lacie was awesome – got everything done   – would like to start as monthly with her”
5/21/2015 (Wendy) “Just wanted to thank you for getting Wendy here early today. Also wanted to thank her for a wonderful job – she is very thorough.”
5/21/2015 (Rachel & Illayna) “Thank you so much for being flexible with my schedule – the girls did a good job”
5/20/2015 (Chelsee & Heather) “Was so impressed – clean was beyond expectations and looked so beautiful. Will come on as a regular customer.”
5/19/2015 (Elaine) “Wonderful hard worker – very nice – willing to take any day to get Elaine”
5/19/2015 (Susiee) “It went just fine – she was very good & thorough & I apprecieate getting it taken care of when Nicky is out”
5/19/2015 (Ronnie & Brad) “Looked real good – good job on tubs & downstairs floor”
5/15/2015 (Katrina & Darlene) from a note:   “I want to thank you again for the attention to detail at the last cleaning.  The house looked great & I appreciate all the small details that matter so much to me.  Thanks for being here.  I appreciate all you do.”
5/14/2015 (Heather) she was awesome / very good attitude / appreciated the detail and that she was thourough and went the extra mile
C. Tran
5/14/2015 (Suziee) had the pleaseure of meeting her, she did a beautiful job, went beyond call of duty, thank you so very much for great service, would like to have her as a regular
5/12/2015 (Heather) She did a fantastic job, would like to have her back
5/8/2015 (Suziee) She was great, on time, really liked her
Narrows View Rec Ctr
5/8/2015 (Wendy & Heather) Did a great job, got all done, nice to come home & smell a clean house
Della Lana
5/8/2015 (Nicky & Rachel) it went wonderful and was very fast, they worked hard & were friendly, my son liked them too
5/8/2015 (Ashley & Meg) They were great, really nice, worked fast & awesome job. Company was very accomodating.
5/9/2015 (Kerin & Illayna) Very very good, did a grea job, was so thankful to get it done
5/5/2015 (Brad, Heather, & Suziee) Thank you for getting a crew in a timely manner, they were an enjoyable group
5/5/2015 (Jayna) 5 star cleaner
5/5/2015 (Leona) Will move to get her, she is delightful & does a fabulous job, really like her
5/5/2015 (Ronnie) Pretty good job, did everything on list, did a really job on the window tracks
N. Stewart
5/5/2015 (Steph & Ronnie) Went really well, was a spectacular clean. Every nook & cranny was perfect
5/4/2015 (Elaine) Went great, Thank you. You people are super.
5/1/2015 (Ronnie & Brad) Went above and beyond did a great job
C. Simmons
4/30/2015 (Ashley) Ashley did a great job. She was real meticulous
4/30/2015 (Jayna) All was taken care of, neighbor came by. Please tell cleaner thank you & appreciate the extra steps.
4/28/2015 (Leona & Sheri) Did a great job. Was nice to come home and be able to focus on studying. Will definitely use us again.
K. Rogers
4/23/2015 (Ashley) Absolutely LOVED Ashley. “Please can I have her again?” Also, I am very pleased with your whole company.
4/21/2015 (Steph & Wendy) “House looks fantastic. Just wanted to call and compliment their amazing job. Please tell them thank you very much.
4/20/2015 (Wendy) “Very nice, and please that she left a note regarding that the supplies were getting low.”
4/18/2015 (Shay, Megan, Ashley, & Ronnie) “Fantastic! Good hard workers. Best part is they all had positive attitudes.”
4/14/2015 (Katrina & Elaine) “I’m so impressed – they did a wonderful job, so nice to come home to a clean house.”
4/14/2015 (Elaine & Deb) “Thank you very much – they did the most amazing job – was splendid – please add a $10 tip for each”
L. Davis
4/10/2015 (Wendy) “She did a teriffic job – have good tips – appreciative for all her hard work – gold star for her & would like her as our regular cleaner”
4/9/2015 (Stephanie) “Stephanie did a perfect clean!! (TWICE) Best I have ever seen. I will move day and time to get her.”
4/9/2015 (Darlene) “The house looked great – one of the best jobs ever done in my house!”
4/8/2015 (All) “Thank you – I have really enjoyed having Scrubbles come out.”
C. Cooper
4/7/2015 (Sharon) “I am sick today, but please pay her wages and charge me – she is such a joy and wonderful & so reliable – I think the world of her.”
P. Terenzi
4/6/2015 (Illyana) “She did an excellent job – will discuss with husband about coming on a regular schedule with Illyana”
Kathryn Peterson
4/6/2015 (Meg) “Outstanding job – we appreciate it”
4/3/2015 (Suziee) “She is awesome! Did a really good job – would like her every time – I’d be happy with that.”
C. Ritzman
4/3/2015 (Ronnie) “Did a good job – really likes him and would like him back”
4/3/2015 (Brad) “Excellent job – was really good – will ask for him when we have service again”
S. Campana

3/30/2015 (Ashley & Suziee) “Looks great – so amazing to come home to a clean house – looking to come on as a regular customer”

D Tetrick

3/25/2015 (Leona) “Was perfect – came home to a lovely clean home – please tell her Thank You”

E Kollen

3/25/2015 (Elaine) “It was wonderful – she’s a wonderful person, thank you for giving us the best – we want her back.”

D Peterson

3/25/2015 (Chelsee) “She did good – the kitchen floor looks better than it has for about 8 months!”

D Long

3/25/2015 (Elaine & Ronnie) “Move out clean went really well”

S Merritt

3/24/2015 (Amanda) “Very pleased – night and day difference – impressed with the professionalism and follow-up”

L Duez

3/23/2015 (Ronnie & Brad) “It was fantastic! Really, really impressed and will want to use Scrubbles again”

S Matlock

3/23/2015 (Carrie) “Would like to keep Carrie if possible because she is a very good cleaner, but if you need to make changes, we know that you only hire good people.”

M Simmons

3/20/2015 (Megan) “Thank you for the excellent job you’ve put into removing the mold in the shower!”

P Tiller

3/19/2015 (Steph & Brad) “Exemplary! Did a lot of ‘over and above’ expectations on the deep cleaning in the allotted time. Efficient, and made a great team.  It’s very much appreciated.”

R Flaherty

3/16/2015 (Ashley) “Absolutely did a wonderful job – please pat her on the back!”

R Hughes

3/13/2015 (Ronnie & Steph) Pleased Ronnie got rust stain out & general clean was good.”

D Knutson

3/13/2015 (Kerin & Carrie) “They did a wonderful job – it’s very nice when everything sparkles”

C Murphy

3/11/2015 (Elaine) (From an email) “We could not be happier with Elaine’s work.  She has done such a wonderful job!”

W Berens
3/3/2015 (Elaine & Tanis) “Clean was ok – I use Scrubbles 5-6 times per year and always very happy.”
J Newton
2/27/2015 (Kerin & Steph) “They were great & did a real good job – would like to have them back”
2/27/2015 (Lacie & Wendy) “Superior job – so appreciative & thankful – so impressed.”
P Madsen
2/25/2015 (Lindsey & Jessica) “They did a good job – got everything done on the list – will call and schedule another clean in a couple of weeks.”
2/24/2015 (Chelsee & Amanda) “They did a good job – worked hard – picked up a lot off the floors.”
2/24/2015 (Megan) “She did a great job of cleaning – please send her back if possible. Thanks.”
2/23/2015 (Ronnie & Carrie) “Carrie & Ronnie both did an excellent job today. They cleaned my house beautifully – absolute wonderful job – thank you very much!”
2/23/2015 (Kayla) “My son uses your services, and I would like to use your service too – you are marvelous.”
D Riffenberry
2/23/2015 (Jayna) “Jayna was awesome – did excellent work and would love to have her back.”
J Graham
2/19/2015 (Lacie & Elaine) “Worked so hard – house looked perfect – so happy – if they are available I would like them as my cleaners.”
C Simons
2/19/2015 (Jessica) “Efficient, kind, cordial, and did everything spectacularly – appreciated her and the service provided.”
J Lawrence
2/18/2015 (Ashley) “She did a wonderful job, was very detailed cleaner, and would like to have her back again.”
2/17/2015 (Jayna) “My house looked and smelled AWESOME! There are no words for how good it was.”
K Collings
2/17/2015 (Lindsey) “Lindsey is very personable, ready to help with anything, and a very hard worker. She has a special knack for taking care of business and communicating well with customers and has a very professional demeanor in the process.”
M Aragon
2/13/2015 (Nicky & Lindsey) “They did a great job. Can’t tell you how much she appreciated everything.  Had company coming and could have never gotten it done.”
P Sexton
2/10/2015 (Shelly & Tanis) “Whatever you did works wonderful – outstanding jobs on floors – beautiful”
N Berkowitz
2/5/2015 (Carrie) “Carrie went above and beyond to be here today, adding us in with an already full schedule. Will give her a hefty tip for her kindness. Fabulous / wonderful / I love your services”
G Knight
2/3/2015 (Megan) “Floors are fabulous – she did an out standing job. After a hard day at work, I came home and it was heavenly!”
K Allen
2/3/2015 (Steph & Krystal) “The girls did such a wonderful job – will have us back in the future.”
G Joregeson
2/2/2015 (Steph) “Steph did an awesome job on the house – would like to have her back!”
D Burk
1/30/2015 (Elaine & Tanis) “Wonderful job – focused on things that needed to be done the first time – fabulous – super happy”
L Davis
1/29/2015 (Carrie) “Carrie doing a fabulous job even with the remodel going on in the office”
G Knight
1/28/2015 (Chelsee) “Only 1 1/2 hours into the job and she is doing awesome”
K Atkins
1/26/2015 (Elaine) “Everything was wonderful – happy she is our regular cleaner”
W Berens
1/22/2015 (Ronnie, Rocky & Ashley) “Thank you for your service. Every one of your cleaners were polite and easy to get along with.  Thank you to them.”

1/21/2015 (Elaine) “She can clean like mad! She had a lot of things shiny and done quick – I don’t know how she did that! She’s a great cleaner.”

“Everything looked so good the house sold within minutes”


M Steurer

1/20/2015 (Megan) “Went great – did an excellent job – have 2 more showings coming up, so excellent timing.”

M Steurer

1/20/2015 (Lacie)”Excellent – wants her every time – will move to and day for her”



D Ross

1/15/2015 (Ronnie, Ian & Meg) “They did a teriffic job – it was wonderful”




R Douglas

1/14/2015 (Lacie) “Fabulous, she’s a very friendly and wonderful person to work with.”





Smash Hit

1/14/2015 (Jayna) “So delighted – such a wonderful clean – my husband really liked her, too. She even  did my grout where the other cleaners dever did.  Would love to have her as a regular cleaner.”



P Betz

1/13/2015 (Carrie & Elaine) “I thought everything was great / very impressed that the stains came out of toilet & overall looked good






1/13/2015 (Chelsee) “She did a very nice job – all looked great – would like to have her every time.”




C Murphy

12/29/2015 (Carrie & Katrina) “… I want to let you know that the two cleaners who came today did a spectacular job! They worked well together and were very professional. Thank you!”

A Mann

1/12/2015 (Elaine) “She is AMAZING! Absolutely incredible – didn’t miss a thing – cannot praise her enough. She cleans like I would if I had the energy to do it.  Elaine is fabulous. My house is wonderful – fantastic!”

J Johnson
They were fantastic! Fabulous job. I wanted everyone in the family not to touch anything – just hover!! The crew was prompt and anything I asked they did. I am very, very happy. We enjoyed the whole experience.
D. Shineman

“It was fantastic! What a perfect job! Oh my gosh, I am so thrilled that I hired you guys!”

Jean B.

“Despite everything going against them in my house, they did fantastic; got everything down pat. Well worth the money! Quite satisfied.”

Erica G.

“The clean was excellent. We are very impressed. They came in and cleaned like mad.”

Earle Z.

“I was very satisfied. Everything seemed to go really well. Very good worker. My own past cleaners were only able to get the major parts, but Scrubbles cleaned the whole house in the same amount of time.”

Cathy B.

“We are very happy. The cleaner was terrific and knows her stuff amazingly well; very professional, and I cannot wait for the next clean.”

Carol S.

“Thank you so much for all you have done for us this year. You are part of our health and well-being plan.”

Misty B.

“First clean they did a wonderful job. They did extra things that other companies do not do like dusting the blinds and making my house feel very warm. She tried not to be disruptive, and I am impressed. Love to have them back again.”

Nora S.

“Every clean I have ever had has been very good. All of the cleaners have worked hard and have done anything I asked them to do. If there’s ever a problem, I will call because I’m not shy.”

Gary R.

“It was a good job. Very satisfied; that’s your job right? To satisfy the customer? Well you did; very well in fact.”

Nancy C.

“Can I tell you how beautiful my house is? Oh my gosh! My floors are cleaner than they have ever been! I’m so thrilled that I am coming on as a regular customer.”

Deanna S.

“Just wonderful, best experience. I love the ‘can do’ attitude, and they saved the day.”

Debra S.

“Really appreciate them; fantastic; way above and beyond. Love my team; they are wonderful.”

Jamie G.

“They were on time, effective, and thorough. I’m glad to be on the ranks of ‘Satisfied Customers’.”

Larry B.

“Very attentive and alert. I appreciate your going over the Workorder with the cleaner before she got here. Your communication between office and cleaners is great.”

Lorraine P.

“Thank you so much for the catch-up clean. She did a wonderful and very thorough job. She spent a lot of time on the details and making sure the master bath and kitchen were sparkling! She put everything back in its place and returned all of the cleaning supplies where she found them. I really appreciate it.”

Sherry P.

We just want you and your staff to know how very much we’ve appreciated working with you this past year. Of course it’s great to have the house regularly cleaned by professionals (with younger knees!), but after working with some independent cleaners, we especially appreciate the professionalism of everyone at Scrubbles: you always show up; you can be flexible when our schedule gets crazy; and you feel like more than a service provider – you feel like friends. :) Please pass along a special note of thanks to Elaine.

Sue R.

Thank you for doing such a wonderful job cleaning Mom’s house before our wedding. As always, your cleaners did a marvelous job so we could focus on other things.

Sara & Eric A.

You guys are amazing!” Scrubbles has been a lifesaver for me . . .

Susan L.

I love my Scrubbles! It is the best gift my husband ever gave me!

Claudia M.

I’m very impressed with the quality of the cleaners—how nice and professional they are. I am very happy with the service.

Mary Jo H.

I have been extremely satisfied with Scrubbles’ cleaning services. I am a very busy person and I can depend on them to be there when scheduled every week. They are not only trustworthy, but thorough, dependable and professional.

Sue P.

With my busy schedule, I was very happy to hear about Scrubbles several years ago. It is such a help and I look forward to my great cleaning gal coming each week.

Pam B.

I have enjoyed courteous, thorough and consistent service. I especially appreciate the cleaners understanding my priorities and making them theirs.

Deanna B.